Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. got it's name the combination of two words one 'Mor'- is the Greco-Roman goddess of death according to which the “arrival of Mor and Latis is the name of two Celtic deities worshiped in Roman Britaine. It gives the inspiration and thus the name "Morlatis".

Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. began as a construction company in 2018. Throughout the year, the company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in Civil Construction, Electrical installations and Electrical services, Interior designing, Flooring (Floor Desigining), HVAC installation and related engineering works.

Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. was established on the principal “TO SERVE WITH A PERSONALIZED TOUCH”. We seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by creating amazing life-size dimensions in real estate Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. has chartered its own unique and incredible journey in realty sector. We have a track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Testimony to the robustness of the company is its state-of-the-art architecture, larger than-life designs and well-managed engineering team of professionals.

Today, Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. is eastern India's premier Construction company, with operations in the Bihar and headquarters based in Patna.

Our project undertaking and execution philosophy is:
• Create detail schedule and assets intend to meet customer's venture objective,
• Communicate clearly with all project undertaking stakeholders,
• Track task advancements and calibrate deviations
• Supervise intently on quality of work done,
• Complete and commission the project on schedule.

Our Mission

To procure projects at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.

Our Vision

To be an excel Construction company, Service provider and delivering beyond expectation, consistently.


Morlatis Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. is being driven by two working directors, by and large they aggregated over 5 years of work involvement in the Construction and Electrical installation businesses. They are engaged with the business advancement, acquirement, venture the board and organization of the Company. The management team proactively assembles inputs, distinguishes changes in business condition, audits work procedures and conveys key learning focuses and organization arrangement to all staff at customary gatherings.


Our people are pivotal in the conveyance of our administrations and are proficient to answer our customers. So as to guarantee that everybody is furnished with the correct expertise, information and frame of mind, a thorough preparing system is set up to always update our kin in specialized and the board abilities. We accept immovably in giving the correct preparing, licensed accreditation and pragmatic information for our kin, with the goal for them to execute their obligations and duties unquestionably. Our point is to remain pertinent to the consistently changing commercial center and customer's necessity.